Monday, November 13, 2006


The Horses Have Reached the Starting Gate

With the elections over and the new leadership already coming up with bad ideas, let's take a quick look at current events.

1) Hugh Hewitt was congratulated by Rush Limbaugh for the former's insight into the Republican debacle of last week. I'd link it but trying to find it on is like trying to find a Republican at a CTA leadership retreat. Anyway, Hugh did a masterful job of getting it wrong. He blamed the gang of fourteen and other big events that the base really has either forgotten or didn't prioritize. My guess, and we'll see if I am right when all the date finally gets crunched, is that the base stayed home much like it did in 1976 because it was disheartened that Bush really isn't a conservative.

Now I don't excuse the base since they are getting a much worse situation come January with...

2) Cut and Run - the Democrats are already setting a time table to cut and run. Those of you who simply blame Democrats and/or the instant gratification mentality of many who voted for them are showing your ignorance of history. America has never been a consistently reliable military source. Beginning with the pullout after Reconstruction that led to decades of Jim Crow segregation and lynchings, the U.S. electorate has consistently shown that it is incapable of finishing a long fight - and I define that as being anything over four years. Thus, we have traditionally been "weary of war," and that has only been compounded by the Vietnam syndrome and the graying of the hippies.

Frankly, the base that didn't bother to show up and vote because of "principlel" are no better than a child that takes his ball and goes home because he isn't winning. If you need to be mad, get mad at them first since they are the ones with the final say. After all, this last election showed that George Bush is not the fascist dictator that the the Soros crowd has been claiming, and it reminds us that the true power still resides in the hands of the people... the people who bother to vote.

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