Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Education Fraud

The State of California, like those of the rest of the Union it seems, continues to teach a fraudulent theory in our science classrooms - Darwinism/Evolution.

Now before you reach the conclusion that I have gone off the deep end, please rest assured that I am not suggesting any other theory replace it in our textbooks. Rather, evolution as a theory should be dropped completely since it is so ridiculously wrong.

Ann Coulter, in her latest book The Church of Liberalism: Godless supports (through thorough research) seven truths that should be taught so longs as the knucklehead evolutionists are in the classroom:

1) the truth about the entire fossil record, which shows a very non-Darwinian progression, noticeably lacking the vast number of transitional species we ought to see;

2) the truth about the Cambrian (time period), in which virtually all the animal phyla suddenly appeared, with no Darwinian ancestors;

3) the truth about the Galapagos finch population changing not one (significant) bit since Darwin first observed finces more than 170 years ago;

4) the truth about the peppered moth experiment (which was a fraud);

5) the truth about Haeckel's embryos being a fraud perpetrated by a leading German eugenicist;

6) the truth about the Miller-Urey experiment being based on premises that are no longer accepted; and

7) the truth about the nonexistence of computer simulations of the evolution of the eye.

In the current regular-track biology textbook used at the school where I work, Haeckel is downplayed, but still included in a way that appears that he was on to something "right." The Miller-Urey experiment is still presented (with an illustration) as having great merit.

And, of course, the book (Modern Biology by Towle - published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston) bows down to Darwin and his theory of Evolution. The Cambrian Period explosion is mentioned, but is mentioned in such a way that it seems to not contradict anything that Darwin and his followers have spewed forth.

Our schools aren't teaching science in this area. They are teaching fantasy and it is mandated in the state content standards of the State of California.

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