Friday, August 25, 2006



1) What do the people of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles really need? According to the Corporate Cardinal, another "Catholic" mortuary where he gets a cut of the action. The Catholic cemetery in El Monte wants to lease land to the non-Catholic Stuart Funeral company (as it has done in other locations) so that the latter can build a mortuary. What, exactly, will this accomplish? It will compete with local funeral directors, many of whom are Catholic, and that, well, doesn't seem very Catholic to me. But the biggest problem is that 4,000-6,000 gravesites will be lost (even more if someone were to build a masoleum instead). With a growing Catholic population, especially in the East Los Angeles area, why would the Cardinal do this?

Money makes his world go 'round. Maybe he needs the income for legal expenses.

2) The morning after pill is about to go OTC across America. Whether one is pro-abortion or not, this is a dangerous plan since there is a significant number of documented cases of women, under the care of a physician who had prescribed the drug, dying as a direct result of excessive bleeding caused by the pill. The fact that the restriction is that only 18 year old or older people can purchase it is just damn silly. This pill will easily find its way into the hands of teenagers. How many teenage girls have to die before American gets some sense? My guess the trial-lawyers will decide that number. Oh, and will the spread of venereal diseases go up? Hmmmmmmmmm...

3) By starting the school year two weeks later than many other districts around the country, the students at my school who take AP classes are already behind in relation to other students as the test date is not moved back for later starting schools/students. So what brilliant idea has my school instituted? SHORTER class periods! Why do we even bother pretending that our public school cares about all students? The unacceptable response from the higher-ups is that the new system will experience some growing pains. Great... tell that to the kids and parents who don't get this year (and possibly later years) back. "Growing pains "does not appear on their AP score sheet as an excuse as to why they did not score as high as they may otherwise have.

4) If Proposition 87 passes, the price of gas will go up. I guess the simple lesson about taxes and prices was not understood (or they don't care) by the idiots who came up with this one. If they just don't care about prices, then I am guessing that they are hoping that you had a public school education.


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