Wednesday, June 21, 2006



There has been an uproar over the Clark County (NV) School District's decision to cut off the microphone of a valedictorian because her speech deviated from the approved copy. She, apparently since I cannot find the actual speecn, went beyond a mere mention of God and wandered into an area that some considered to prosletyzing. The decision to shut off her mic mid-speech was based on the concept of seperation of church and state since it was a public hign school graduation.

1) The District was wrong (regardless of what the S.C. said in the 1960's) as it was clear she was speaking for herself and not on behalf on the district. She was not a government representative advocating the establishment of an official religion. That was and is obvious to any sane person.

2) She was wrong to focus so much of the speech on herself. The proper role of the valedictorian is to speak not only for herself but, and even more so, on behalf of her class. Self-serving valedictorian speeches are boring if not irritating; and, in her case, a far cry from being humble. So much for her Christian ethics.

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