Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Tony Blair is Becoming Less Churchillian

Commentors, especially on the BBC and on conservative talk radio in the United States, have been calling British Prime Minister Tony Blair "Churchillian" for his attempts and shaping the future with a British stamp. Blair's recent proposal on expanding the United Nations Security Council's permanent members (to include Japan and India) can only sound Churchillian to someone who doesn't understand Churchill.

If one defines Churchillian as a British PM who proposes ideas that have world-wide impact, then Blair indeed is Churchillian. However, if one truly understands Churchills Sinews of Peace speech and his idea of the Special Relationship, one looks at the latest proposal as a betrayal of Churchill's ideas and legacy.

Unfortunately, Blair seems to be looking to repair his liberal and global credentials as he heads into the sunset. When leaders start focusing on their legacy, bad ideas and actions follow all too often.

And that is definitely not Churchillian.

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