Friday, May 05, 2006


Speaking of the loony Catholic Left...

It's been a while since I have read something as silly as this, but it's nice to know that my conclusions about the loony Catholic left are correct. The author of the piece may indeed do good works for the poor in Oklahoma, but his tenuous grasp on reality is amazing. I could go on and on about the fallacies presented in his diatribe (from which evidence to support his conclusions about world events is sorely lacking), but I shall focus solely on the statement below about abortion and illegal immigration:

"One of the great evils that flows from harsh immigration laws is an increase in abortions. Many women cite "economic desperation" as a reason for seeking an abortion. The more economic stress we put on the poor, the more women will decide to choose abortion, because they feel they simply cannot afford another child. If harsh immigration laws are passed, they will increase the economic stress on immigrant households, and thus they are likely to produce an increase in abortions. Supporters of these laws must ask themselves: How many unborn children am I willing to kill to make my political points and curry favor with the mob?"

The constant influx of illegal immigration undercuts wages made by the poorest of people in areas where immigrant labor is in high demand. Thus, not controlling immigration and allowing the market forces of supply and demand to determine wages where the demand for workers does not come close to the ever increasing supply of workers will create more economic stress for the poor. So, how many unborn children is ol' Bob willing to kill in order to make political points and curry the favor of the Marxist mob who is behind the protests? And since when is being on the same side as the atheist-Marxists a good thing for Catholics?

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