Wednesday, May 10, 2006


How about a trade?

I'll gladly trade Bishop Bruskewitz for Cardinal Mahony. Check out the interview from April in the The Wanderer with the good Bishop. Perhaps the best line, and one that Cardinal Mahony should paste on his mirror is the following:

Q. Why do you object to pro-abortion Catholics serving on the lay board? Aren’t a lot of prominent Catholics supporters of partial-birth abortion? Don’t they deserve representation too?

A. It’s a standing disgrace that some of these people who call themselves Catholic don’t understand the heinous evil that they support. That we should give them a position of prominence in the Church is an outrage.

Mahony's cavoring with pro-abortion political leaders like the mayor of Los Angeles (to name just one) is increasingly infuriating.

For more information on the good bishop, visit this "fan" club site.

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