Friday, May 12, 2006


Has Andrew Sullivan Lost His Mind?

Andrew Sullivan's grasp on reality has officially been lost, and he chose the pages of Time magazine to let the world know. In his latest missive in the speudo-serious news magazine, Sullivan has coined a new term, "Christianist," to describe political movements (of the conservative side only) that espouse Christian views that should be politicized in that those folks cannot split their Christian identity from their political identity.

Sullivan is tired of Christianists co-opting all Christians into the world of right-wing politics as he sees it. In fact, in his proof by selected instances manner, he claims that many (if not implying that most) Christians who are devout are liberal. He also implies that no Christianist or conservative Christian could tolerate living next door to someone who does not share his views.

What a bunch of nonsense!

If Sullivan had bothered to do any research, he would have seen that the turning point in the last election was on morals and values which would seem to imply (or at least cause one to research the matter) that the majority of Christians are conservative and think that their public political actions should reflect their values (I cannot believe that Sullivan doesn't think that his political choices do not reflect his values). Additionally, the most devout church goers tend to be more conservative according to poll after poll, thus disproving his claim. Just looking at a Gallup poll on church attendance shows that the more conservative denominations have higher average attendance which would seem to indicate a more "devout" position.

Sullivan also implies that since Christ said that his kingdom is not of this world, that Christians should tolerate almost any behavior conducted by thy neighbor. Obviously, he has chosen to ignore the Ten Commandments, the New Testament Commandent to love thy neighbor, and that little admonition about not harming the children (oops... that might include those pesky abortions, huh, Andy?).

Here is Sullivan's final rant:

"That's what I dissent from, and I dissent from it as a Christian. I dissent from the political pollution of sincere, personal faith. I dissent most strongly from the attempt to argue that one party represents God and that the other doesn't. I dissent from having my faith co-opted and wielded by people whose politics I do not share and whose intolerance I abhor. The word Christian belongs to no political party. It's time the quiet majority of believers took it back."

Translation: I dissent from the commands of Christianity as they apply to the world. I dissent from anyone who claims to be a Christian but does not agree with my politics. I dissent from reality since I offer no substantive proof that any political party actually claims that it represents God. I dissent from publicly recognize that there is a difference between right and wrong that might actually find its way into legislation so long as I disagree with it. I dissent from the need to back up my assertions with any real evidence. I dissent from reality.

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