Monday, May 15, 2006


Benedict and Immigrants

I am sure that the wacky open border crowd will hail the Pope's pronouncement (which actually is directed more at Christian-Muslim relations than anything else) as supporting their position.


Check out this section of his speech:

"In this activity of welcome and dialogue with migrants and itinerant peoples, the Christian community has as its constant point of reference Christ Who left His disciples, as a rule for life, the new commandment to love." For this reason, the Pope added, "believers are called to open their arms and hearts to everyone, whatever their country of origin, leaving the task of formulating appropriate laws for promoting healthy coexistence to those responsible for public life."

In the United States of America, the ultimate authority and responsibility for making laws or for the assignment of others to do it is with the people - in other words, us. In the analysis of this author, a healthy coexistence is one that is founded on a healthy respect for the reasonable laws of the land especially those that deal with border security and national security.

Build the fence!

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