Friday, April 28, 2006


No Justice = No Peas!

The fruit and produce distribution center in downtown Los Angeles will be closed on Monday to honor the asinine Day of the Law Breakers. As such, many stores, restaurants, etc. will be unable to purchase fresh produce on that day. Until I heard the story on KNX this morning, I did not realize that my eldest daughter (almost four) has been a pro-illegal alien radical for much of her short life as she has refused to eat vegtetables and most fruits for the past four years.

Given that the unemployment rate is at 4.8% according to the figures released on April 21, I suggest that the INS arrive at the produce distribution center downtown on Tuesday and raid it. Perhaps the morons who run the place will then hire some of the out of work legal residents of the county.

In an attempt to help the Republican Party in the November polls, the California State Senate voted, along party lines, to support the walk out on Monday. Perhaps they can sing "Our Anthem" which is the new Spanish version of the United States National Anthem to be released today. Balkanization anyone?

Meat processors Cargill Inc., Seaboard Corp. and Slick Willy's favorite Tyson will close on Monday. After a quick look at the website of the first two, it appears that there products do not reach California. However, if you did not stop buying Tyson during the Clinton Administration, now is the time to do so.

To learn more about the knuckleheads behind the walkout, you may access their website here, but don't blame me if it doesn't work or load very well as it did (or, I should say, did not) this morning... I guess the website administrator didn't get the memo that work was supposed to cease on Monday.

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