Wednesday, April 26, 2006


More Mahony Baloney

The Cardinal is at it again. On the official website of the archdiocese, Mahony blathers on about what to do on May 1 in light of the call of many anti-American leaders to stage a walkout to protest our ability to defend our borders and decide who should be able to call themselves American by legal means.

As a parent and a teacher, his sections on what parents and students should do is appalling. You can read it for yourselves at the link provided in the previous paragraph. Here is my alternative suggestion for what you should do on May 1:

1) Go to work or school like you normally do on a Monday;

2) Wear patriotic U.S.A. clothing;

3) Refuse to participate in any consciousness raising or workshop session about immigration; tell them you have work to do and do it. America was built by doing not emoting;

4) If your child's Catholic school is holding a day of silliness, have your child stay home and work on school assignments; call your principal and pastor and tell them that they are not getting another dime from you until they learn to refer to illegal aliens as such instead of "undocumented workers," like the goofy Cardinal does.

Final note: find out what funds are designated as "restricted" at your parish and make sure that any money that you give is expressly designated for those funds. By doing this, you can prevent any of your donations from making their way to the corporate office of the Cardinal on Wilshire Boulevard.

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