Thursday, April 06, 2006


Altar Boys

I have long complained that the idea to allow altar girls hampers the recruitment of young boys and men into the priesthood. I have always felt that participation in Holy Mass at the altar by boys would boost vocations. I certainly have no proof that my conclusion is true, and I am not against altar girls from any sort of gender issue. I have just felt that we need to do all we can to bolster priestly vocations and allowing only altar boys would do that.

Although it is only anecdotal evidence, the general orthodoxy and altar boy only policy of the Lincoln of Dicoese led by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz has seemed to pay off!

In addition, as seen today on the L.A. Catholic Blog, Bishop Bruskewitz has fired back at the silly committee run by non-Bishops of the Bishops. You have to read his response to the attack by the lefties on his orthodoxy in light of the pedophilia scandals seen in so many other dioceses.

Perhaps we should pray and fast that Bruskewitz replaces Mahony soon!

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