Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Stay the Course

Those who are against the Iraq war seem to be against Bush and Blair in their respective countries. The myopic and blatantly political tone found in the attacks against B & B indicates that those doing the attacking have no clue as to the stakes in the long term battle against terrorism. The question that should be asked is why are the enemies of democracy, Bin Laden, Iran, Syria etc. so eager to help the terrorists (aka "insurgency" in the MSM)? The answer is that democracy threatens their type of dictatorial rule and promotes human rights over their extremist philosophies.

Tony Blair gave an excellent speech in defense of the involvement of the Special Relationship led forces in Iraq yesterday. One of the better stories covering the event can be found in The Times of London.

I am thankful that leaders like Blair and Bush know what the modern sinews of peace are. Thankfully, they are trying to lift the Iron Burkha that is trying to descend over the Middle East.

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