Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The Proper Response

The United States of America is a nation of laws. If we abandon that premise, we will dissolve into a quagmire. Obeying the laws is key to an orderly society that we can all enjoy.

The illegal alien issue and the choice to ignore that they are illegal is a choice to attack and destroy the concept that we are a nation of laws.

When the laws are broken, the offenders need to be punished appropriately. Our government has failed to prosecute the corporate interests that break the law, nor do they choose to effectively deal with the illegal aliens themselves. So many are not deported. Most are arrested and released on their own recognizance.

This type of "slap on the wrist" mentality sends the signal to all levels of society that breaking the rules brings minor, if any, consequences on this issue.

That is especially true at the school district level in Covina, where the district proposed and the schools accepted the following "punishment" for yesterday's walk out:

"Information in regards to today's festivities. Students who walked out are marked truant and need to be sent for readmits. Students who participated today will receive a half hour detention if they missed two periods or less, and an hour if they missed more than two periods. These truants cannot be cleared. If students choose to walk out again they will recieve the same detention, but will be cited for a truancy ticket."

The slap on the wrist response to the walk out of approximately 1,000 plus law breakers is asinine and an insult to those of us who support the rule of law.

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