Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Cowardly Cardinal

Although he did little to protect our children from open pants priests, Cardinal Roger Mahony has now weighed in again in the illegal immigration debate by proposing, among other things, much more open borders. Part of his poor reasoning rests on his assumption that terrorists would not brave crossing the desert.

Really? You mean they would brave losing their lives flying a plane into a building or blowing themselves up in a truck bomb, but they wouldn't prepare themselves well enough to hike across a desert (has he been to the Middle East lately? Most of it is a desert!).

I certainly support his and the Church's position to provide for the spiritual needs of any Catholic who presents himself to a parish in the archdiocese, but to publicly declare that he is willing to break the law and that he wants his priests and employees to follow suit in areas dealing with civil violations (therefore not dealing with spirituality and the sacraments) is to promote sedition.

Of course, the great coward is so afraid of his opponents that he won't even let them listen to his sermons, launching a pre-emptive first strike against one with no evidence that anything "bad" would have happened. At least President Bush knew that Sadaam was a bad guy and a real threat. I guess Roger felt that his power of persuasion as shown in his sermon would have little effect on his opponent.

How pathetic.

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