Monday, February 20, 2006


Shut Up and Sing?

Laura Ingraham's book title, as referenced above, is the idea I've held in my head for many years as I have listened to artists whose music I have liked, but whose politics were either leftist or idiotic leftist.

Now there is the on-going hypocritical with Devo. Under the direction of co-founder Gerry Casale, Devo has created a teeny bop miniature version of itself called DEV2.0. Although the music is fine, the vocals are atrocious.

But that is not the worst of it. Casale, who constantly berates Republicans in general and President Bush in specific, has teamed with the Disney corporation to produce his little venture. DISNEY! - one of the giants of the "corporate feudal state" that Devo has railed against since its conception.

Devo's partnering with Disney is not a surprise since Mark Mothersbaugh, the other founder, has been selling his soul and talents for commercial ventures for sometime. But now, with the Smith's concept of "repackage reissue" ringing in my brain, it is time to call the hypocrites out.

Devo: Shut up and sing!

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