Monday, February 06, 2006



Goofy ol' Hugh Hewitt is at it again:

The debate begins with these questions: Are we at war with Islam? Do you want a war with Islam? He answers "no" to both.

Real answer to #1 is here. Notwithstanding the attempts of some Muslim clerics to quell the nonsense, it is obvioius that a faction of Islam is at war with us (or did Hugh miss 9/11 too?).

Of course, we don't want a war with Islam, but it appears that many in Islam want a war with us. London's Cadinal understands, and rightly asks who is the god of these evil men? Are all Muslims evil? Of course not... but the ones bombing churches, slitting throats, torching Danish embassies, etc. are.

And we are at war with them

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