Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Okay, I have had the flu for the last six days and my already irritable personality has sunk to another level.

I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to chuck my remote at the screen last week when the Olympic promos kept using the words "crucial" and "curling" in the same sentence. Crucial and curling in the same sentence should only occur in the directions for a curling item such as:

"It is crucial that you allow the curling item to warm up appropriately in order to ensure proper curling of your hair;"


"It is crucial that you not use a hot curling iron as a toothpick;"


"It is crucial that American ports be owned by countries and companies that do not have ties to terrorism... any sale to countries with terrorist ties will see a curling iron dropped on the head of the Administration in order that some sense be knocked into it."

At the bottom of the page you mention that war was declared on the U.S. 1627 days ago. Who do you believe declared war on us? The Islamic World in general? Al Queda? Iraq?
This has not been made clear to my satisfaction, at least not by the WH. Bush recently said that he doesn't spend much time thinking about Osama - interesting after proclaiming he would get him dead or alive...
If you were familiar with this blog, you would know that I, as well as the President, understand Churchill's Sinews of Peace speech in its modern application towards radical Islam and its supporters. Churchill cried out in the dark about Hitler while the appeasers let him run free. Appeasement will get us killed... there should be no safe harbor for anyone or any government that supports such terrorists.
No safe harbor excepting UAE I guess. Oh wait, they're actually going to be IN CHARGE of our harbors. . . .
Although I am against the UAE deal, the company would be in charge of managing container transfers and not the security of the ports.
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