Monday, January 23, 2006


Render unto?

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles currently has a contract with the City of Glendale to run a day laborer center across the street from Home Depot. The site has seen two protests in the last two months on illegal immigration. As of last week Catholic Charities of Los Angeles now operates a site across from the new Hope Depot in Burbank. Home Depot was forced to build the center, deed it to the City of Burbank, and contribute $100,000 per year to the city to run it (or contract it out).

On the KCET show Life and Times (I think on Thursday last), this new contreversial center was featured. The libleral LaT show stated that day laborers account for 50% to 85% of the laborers. Thus, Catholic Charities of Los Angeles is aiding and abetting law breakers. As pointed out in this blog before, many serious and deadly crimes are committed by illegal aliens.

How charitable is it to promote the breaking of United States law that very may well lead to the deaths of United States citizens?

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles should be ashamed (and its leaders jailed for aiding illegal aliens).

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