Thursday, January 05, 2006


Let the Pranging Begin

Outcoached and outplayed in the first half, the USC Trojans eventually fell to the Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl last night 41-38.


1) Congratulations to Texas!

2) Ol' Pete needs to check his ego. Get the field goal early; manage time outs better; and finally, and most importantly, hire a real offensive cooridinator and stop the Yes-man pseudo play calling by group think nonsense... Hire Norv Turner and get out of his way.

3) Unless Reggie Bush immediately comes to understand that he needs to hit more holes and shake-and-bake less against teams with speed, he should stay another year. He won't stay, but he needs to wake up.

4) If Vince Young comes out early, he is drafted before Leinart.

5) Focus on the defense in recruiting after the dead period is over.

6) Move on. It's over. There are dead miners in West Virginia. Last night really was just a game.

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