Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Ok, it's time to be extra screedy:

1) While driving at about 15 mph making a U-turn on a cul de sac A woman who was parked illegally and getting in to her large truck glared at me and began flapping her arms like a goose. I backed up to see what she wanted, and she said, "Next time please drive slower because we normally have kids around here."

Slower? Lady, if you are letting your kids play in the street you should be arrested for child endangerment. City streets are not your personal playground.

2) Evo Morales, the new and first indigenous president of Bolivia, popped off and told the United States not to try to dominate the region.

Come on... I guess he prefers to be Hugo Chavez's hand puppet rather than be our friendly ally that will, for the most part, leave him alone. The silly anti Yanqi nonsense might play well with the people of Bolivia, but that only means that he needs to revamp the education system since his populace is uninformed about reality.

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