Monday, January 16, 2006



I went to a different parish for Mass last night as it fit the schedule better since I was coming back in from out of town. The pastor prayed the Mass, and I should note that he was the associate pastor at my parish until July 1 of 2005.

He made an interesting point about Cephas, the rock, and the teaching authority of the Church. Unfortunately, he is a medjugorje nut (and doesn't seem to know that Cephas, a Greek term, can be interpreted to mean rocks whereas the Aramaic "Kipha" is crystal clear about being a singular rock/cornerstone). It seems the authority of the Church only goes so far. He attacked those who claimed that they believe in Jesus but not what the Church teaches or holds. He, however, is quite comfortable picking an choosing where it is convenient for him.

It really is too bad. I am disappointed in him whereas the bicycle Irishmen who took over my former parish is a Mahony hack bent on ignoring Rome where it is more politically proper to do so according to the corporate office on Wilshire. Given last night's pastor's otherwise conservative leanings, I can only assume that he got the pastor's position since Mahony tacitly endorses medjugorje in The Tidings by advertising illicit jaunts there.

It is very unfortunate that we must suffer the priests as well as the bishops in Los Angeles, especially when the former could be so easily fixed by a boss with his head screwed on straight.

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