Thursday, October 13, 2005


Learn to Drive

I have a saying that my wife, unfortunately for her, has heard way too many times,"If you don't know how to drive the vehicle, you shouldn't be allowed to drive the car!"

Now, that saying is not directed at my wife; rather she has to suffer hearing it while I scream at people driving by braille in their large SUVs. I am not against large SUVs, just the idiots who buy them but don't know how to drive them. These are the folks who cause accidents but aren't in them as the rest of us react to their poor driving.

The worst drivers appear to be those who own Hummers. Well, here is a place that they can go to get their faux-outdoor experience and to get that bad driving out of their systems... I hope. On second thought, maybe they will have such a good time that they will not come back! Of course, if they just want to learn how to drive that monstrosity, they should take a class offered by the folks who build the beast. PLEASE!

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