Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Face of God

The last couple of weeks at the house have been rough, especially for my lovely wife. The end came yesterday with the "official" miscarriage at about 11 weeks, although we have known for two weeks that the event was likely to occur.

When a personal tragedy hits, it is quite tempting to ask, "Where is God?" Or, to blame Him outright. I found the face of God in all of the people, family and friends, who have expressed their sympathy and empathy (I had no idea how many women have suffered with the same fate) from people of various religious backgrounds and affiliations. Your prayers have been a comfort to us all.

Yes, we have seen the face of God in all of your kind faces.

One of the teachers with whom I work and who has gone through the same traumatic experience, suggested that we plant a rose bush in memory of our lost child so that we will think of Faith Xavier whenever it blooms. I planted the bush shortly after the event yesterday morning. The variety I chose to plant was Angel Face.

God Bless and thank you all.

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