Monday, October 24, 2005


An E-mail to Fr. X

I just sent this e-mail to the priest referred to in the blogs below (and, yes, I used his real name in the e-mail!)

Dear Reverend Father X:

Although I am not a parishioner, I attended Mass yesterday while on a short visit to Big Bear. I must say that the content and tone of your sermon was remarkable. I am in no position to judge the hearts and minds of the parishoners and people of Big Bear that you so readily labeled as racists, but I am skeptical of your conclusions based on several statements that you made, including the fact that you said "I have never met an illegal alien." It might seem easy to dismiss this statement as a priest focused solely on his ministry of the sacraments to people who come to his church; however, in the context of your society-wide diatribe, I can only come to the conclusion that your sermon was based on radical multiculturalist theory which would negate the ministry-only defense.

Since you claim to have not met any illegal aliens, perhaps you can get in contact with the relatives of the vicitims of illegal aliens found:

Perhaps they can enlighten you.


Matthew J. McKinley

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