Tuesday, September 13, 2005



(note: this is in response to Mr. Martin's question seen as a comment in the previous post)

Given President Reagan's firm policy of promoting states' rights and his admiration for the Tocquevillean notion of local government, I think he probaly would not have done much differently. On the p.r. side, he may have shipped V.P. Bush off to Baton Rouge on Monday night to "coordinate" things between the Federal and state governments.

FEMA has been a generally succesful entity, and much of that success can be attributed to how well local officials of both parties (Dem. and Rep.) have worked with it in the face of other disasters. It is becoming more and more apparent that the new Confederacy of Dunces (Mayor Nagin and Gov. Blanco) were underprepared and overwhelmed. The mayor doesn't seem too bright as can be seen in this quote found in yesterday's Financial Times: "My biggest mistake was to believe that, in the country of America that can move fleets of aircraft across the globe, the cavalry would come in two to three days, and it did not come." Obviously, the mayor has no clue how long it takes to move military equipment, supplies and manpower.

Bush bashers should check out the timeline of events and other stories at Right Wing Nut House. (note: RWNH is harsher on Bush than I am.)

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