Sunday, September 18, 2005


Constitution Day

(note: I tried to post this from another computer, but Blogger didn't like the browser I was using!)

September 17 is Constitution Day, and if you didn't know it, well, the Federal government wants to make sure that your kids do if they attend a public school that receives any federal monies. So the powers that be in Congress passed a law mandating that such schools teach about the U. S. Constitution on September 17 (or the Friday before or the Monday after when it falls on a weekend).


I taught about the theory of federalism (power sharing between the national and state governments). Then I taught about Patrick Henry and other anti-Federalists who warned that the national government would continue to grow and steal power from the states. Then I taught about the history of the Second Amendment and the need for a militia to prevent a government from being tyrannical.

Then I reminded the students that the federal government dictating to local public schools was a violation of the principle of federalism.

BTW - three of the first four days of school were dedicated to the Revolution and Constitution two weeks ago. We simply do not need any more mandated days from the feds. It is time to put Congress in its place in addition to abolishing the Department of Education.

Somewhere, Patrick Henry is telling James Madison, "I told you so!"

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