Sunday, September 11, 2005


Bye-bye Ralphs

(The following was sent to the Ralphs/Kroger comment department immediately upon my return from my shopping trip this afternoon.)

To whom it may concern:

I just returned from shopping at your store located at 1200 N. Central Avenue, Glendale, CA where I was verbally attacked by checker "Karen B." who commented on my WWRD (What would Reagan do) in an attempt to lambast President Bush. My attempt to explain federalism and shared powers only elicited an inane, evasive and emotional response from said person.

I suggest that you do not employ people who cannot refrain from verbally abusing customers. As a high school teacher of history and government it is my job to be fair and balanced while, for the most part, keeping my opinions to myself. I would think you would want your employees to do the same unless vebally provoked by a customer (which did not happen in this case).

I will no longer shop at Ralphs. With a Von's and a Whole Foods located nearby, I have convenient alternatives to your store.

Very truly yours,
Matthew J. McKinley

What would Reagan do?
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