Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Why is it...?

Imagine two different news stories, one about a series of suicide terrorists and one about someone who either blows up an abortion clinic or kills an abortion doctor. Since these are or have been real events, conjuring up the reports in your mind should be an easy task.

Now, tell me if I'm wrong...

Story number one (terrorists), would probably generate great angst on the left whose representatives would probably (and have) argue that we need to understand the terrorists and help them in some way.

Story number two (abortion clinic explosion) would generate great anst on the left whose representatives would probably (and have) decry the attempt to take away a woman's "right to chose" while at the same time attacking the ideology of the "crazy Christian right."

Why won't the liberals attack the ideology of the crazies in story number one?

Liberal Answer: Christianity is the problem in both stories (i.e. the crusades and anti-abortion thought).

Correct Answer: Both sides have killers who have intrepreted their personal religious doctrines so that they have the "right" to kill. In reality, both sides of the lunatic fringe of Islam and Christinanity are wrong if they are led to kill in such a way.

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