Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Politics as Usual?

Tom McClintock is still lying about proposition 74 - politics as usual. Here is the exact quote from his recent e-mail on the initiatives:

"Proposition 74: Teacher Tenure. Do parents have a right to expect a higher level of competence before a teacher is granted life-time tenure? YES. This modest measure simply increases the teacher probation period from two years to five years."

Hey, Tom, try reading the entire initiative since it radically changes the due process that teachers currently have in the firing process as well as retroactively repealing tenure for those who had it granted to them this summer. It also prevents those who are just one year away from getting it next July 1. At a time when experienced teachers are being lured out of state by better paying positions (like in Clark county, Nevada), fools like McClintock are making teaching jobs in the Golden State appear quite tarnished and undesirable.

The good news is that it is not politics as usual with the Club for Growth. Its hard hitting ad on the repeal of the death tax has already caused one senator to switch to the side of the good and is pushing the oddball McCain in the same direction. Check it out at the Club's website.

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