Saturday, July 16, 2005


Los Angeles' Gay Deacon

Why did Cardinal Mahony allow an openly gay man, who appears to be a gay activist as well, to become a deacon? L.A. Catholic blog asks this question and delves into the thinking of Eric Stolz, including two links to the latter's website which should cause any Catholic loyal to Rome to question whether or not the Cardinal is as well.

Of course, if all of us had been paying attetion, then this event woldn't come as a shock. In case you missed it, here is a list of known gay bishops in the United States.

Heaven help us!

I would like to hear your opinions about the future of the Catholic Church. Who will lead each parish when vocations continue to decline? I hear that vocations are up in Africa, but it is not fair to anyone to export African priests to America. Who will lead the diocese when there are many questions about how these bishops are acting? And who will attend when attendance at mass continues to decline?
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Traditional/conservative bishops in the U.S. (like the in the diocese of Lincoln and Denver) are seeing a significant increase in vocations. The obvious answer is for those who are serious about increasing vocations stop messing around with the Mass and liberal positions in general. Additionally, the book, Good-bye Good Men, shows how the leftist bishops have caused havoc in the seminaries where they weeded out hundreds of candidates who were not liberal enough (especially on sexual matters). I know... I'm one of them. Additionally, Mass attendance is up in the more traditional dioceses especially with younger people and families.
Why don't we see more of the information that you state? I know, I know it's because it isn't news. Well, the parishes are the ones telling us that vocations are down and only a blind man couldn't see that attendance is down. Should all concerned move to the midwest? Should concerned Catholics only associate with conservative bishops? We, on the left coast, can only react to what we see!
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