Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I can't stand it!

Cardinal Mahony allowed inauguration ceremonies for the new mayor of Los Angeles to take place in the cathedral. Mayor Villaraigosa is a pro-choice "Catholic." Protestors have called for Mahony to resign.

The cardinal has wrecked any credibility he has left by allowing for such a ceremony to be held in a church. I have no problem with him attending civic ceremonies for the mayor in his role as Cardinal, but this act of defiance against the teachings of Rome should get Mahony a one-way ticket to his "parish" in Rome from whence he should not return. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen and the result will be more politicians and cafeteria Catholics jumping on the "tolerant pro-choice" bandwagon. Another conseqence might be more Hugh-Hewitt like defections to conservative preachers (regardless of denomination or lack thereof) who may not be Catholic, but do not tolerate such gross and open defiance of moral law.

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