Sunday, July 31, 2005


Big Bad Government

Big Government strikes and strikes and stikes...

Congress gave final approval (short of the president's signature) to a silly energy bill on Friday which includes a four-week expansion of daylight savings time. Under the guise of saving energy, our buffoons in Washington are putting our school-age children at more risk as it will extend the amount of time many children must wait in the dark waiting for school busses. One of the reasons given for the extension is that people will be less likely to turn on lights at night since it will be lighter later. Hmm... what about in the morning when it will be darker later into the day? Additionally, many people use the additional "light hours" to run errands and go places IN THEIR CARS. More pollution, anyone? Finally, what about all those pre-programmed devices that cannot be changed that already have the time change built in like clocks, radios and cell phones (to name just a few)? Thanks for the headache, D.C.

Then there is the continued debate over President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act. Not only does this act come with unfunded mandates, it is another encroachment of big government into local affairs. Bush obviously does not agree with Tocqueville about what the strength of American politics is -i.o. local participation and control of politics and government. The Department of Education was created in 1979, and part of Reagan's 1980 platform was to ABOLISH it.

It's time to do it!

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