Monday, February 14, 2005


Valentine's Grouch

Bah Humbug!

Okay, that is usually reserved for anti-Christmas sentiments, but I feel like a Valentine's Day Grouch.

1) The present I ordered for my wife will not be shipped for two more weeks, and I only found that out yesterday even though I ordered it over two weeks ago. It seems the company from which I ordered it, Heavenly Treasures, has all of its email blocked by Earthlink as the latter thinks it is spam even though it is regular business communication. Thankfully, I happened to pick up some flowers on Saturday (as well as a card for today). The best laid plans...

2) I tried to play cupid for a couple of couples and have been shot in the rear with a couple of anti-love arrows. From now on, clueless men will have to remain clueless.

3) Students on campus (primarily the young ladies) are being showered with gifts, some of which are and will be delivered. The deliveries come during class hour and disrupt classes. Once that happens, all of the other girls are completely distracted while the guys are either in panic mode since they forgot to buy something for their girlfriends, or, if they don't have a girlfriend, they are just generally bitter and inattentive.

Well, at least my wife sent me a cute email this morning!

I love you Teresa!

Bah humbug, sort of!

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