Sunday, February 13, 2005


A Day at the Races

The kind folks at Santa Anita gave me two boxes to the races for today, and my wife, myself, and some of my friends took full advantage of their generosity. Unfortunately, their generosity did not include tips on the winners. Teresa and myself broke even, while others had varying degrees of success.

The nice thing about the day was that we got to spend a few hours away from the incessant high-pitched noise that has become our children (we are now back and completely involved... well, I'm not as I am typing this! Sorry, Teresa!). Anyway, Teresa had her annual bowl of clam chowder (since the S.A. track makes theirs fresh daily, and it was a bit chilly). Matthew had his mondo carved sandwich combo, while B.R., The G's and N.G. all had various refreshments and opinions on who should win. From the sound of it, N.G.'s mom did the best, which was probably due to the fact that she wasn't sitting with us.

Well, Teresa has just collapsed on the bed behind me, so I guess I'd better sign off to make sure she (and the children) are still with us.

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