Friday, January 14, 2005



Today's blog will be a bit of this and a dash of that...

XTRA Radio Changes

XTRA, one of the Clear Channel stations in the L.A. market, has decided to move its sports talk radio lineup to 570 KLAC which is also home to the Lakers. The Lakers will now be on an all sports station. The music format of KLAC will move to 690, and 1150 will probably become a talk radio station (but the Clippers will remain on 1150). UCLA will move to 570 as well.

Now for all the good things that Mike Garrett has doen at USC, the one thing he cannot seem to handle is getting USC on a decent radio station. My first vote would be to put them back on KNX 1070 so that the broadcasts could actually be heard at night! My fear is that USC will be relegated to 1540 only and forevever. Blech!

Randy Moss is an Ass
... and $10,000 is not enough. Deion Sanders comment in the fourth paragraph of this story In the Star Tribue is quite amusing.

The USC Juniors
Unless you have been told by the NFL that you are a top-5 pick, all of you need to stay.

Bellows Free Academy Defeats Milton in BASKETBALL, 5-2
Why did they even play? Here is the story.

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