Friday, January 21, 2005



Okay, I realize that this topic is off of my own beaten track, but I am going to write it anyway!

For Christmas, my wife purchased at my request, a shaving kit from Caswell-Massey. It included a stand, a razor (equipped with Gillette Mach 3 blades), a shaving bowl with soap, and a genuine badger brush. Other than the blades, I was going to give the old school style of shaving a try.

Although it takes a tad longer than normal, it certainly has been a success! Fewer nicks and a smoother shave has been the results.

Given the recent dry weather (after so much rain) the need for a shaving balm has risen. I have several, some of which are scented. For an unscented one, the 1752 label by CM works well at only $12.00. For a scented one from CM, I (as well as my wife) like the Newport label. The cost is $20.00

My wife also purchased some balm from Mary Kay (yes, that company does make stuff for men), which smells nice, but may last too long for some (it doesn't bother me). If you do get in contact with a MK person and purchase this product, use it sparingly as it has strong scent (plus, it is a bit runnier than others so a little goes a long way. The balm is called Domain, and costs $18.00

My favorite, which is also the most expensive, is Green Irish Tweed by Creed of Paris. It was Cary Grant's favorite. It costs $50.00.

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