Saturday, January 29, 2005


Saturday with Stanard

Wake up in the morning, pull myself out of bed
Think about the night before and everything I said
I made lots of promises I know that I can't keep
So I'll do it tomorrow,
That seems like a pretty good idea to me

Well, tomorrow is here, and it started this morning, as in, I had to fulfill those promises starting this morning. Pulled myself out of bed just in time to clean the house: toilets, bathroom, kitchen, carpets, etc. Then it was off to do some of the gardening: mowed the front lawn and swept driveway. Dang, I was getting tired and hungry... guess I'll put off the rest to some other tomorrow.

Instead of another lost weekend
Lost weekend
Another lost weekend
Lost weekend

Well, I was bound and determined not to lose this weekend to work (and I don't live close enough to lose it in Vegas), so I packed up the kids and their bags and drove off to Northridge - 26 miles away to the only indoor playground open on Saturday for open play. The wife was off at the spa (well deserved) for the last of Christmas presents, so what to do with the urchins? Creative Leap in Northridge was the answer.

Me and my dad
We've got a good thing going

Probably not what Stan was thinking about when he sung it, but that line keeps popping in my head while watching the kids run around. Only one other dad in the place, and he was dragged there by his wife... probably gave up a tee time at Porter Valley for this.

So next time you're in a jungle fight, and you feel a presence near
Or hear a voice that in your mind will lodge
Just be thankful that you're not alone... you've got some company
From a big Marine the boys call Camouflage

Drivin' home from the "Leap" while listening to the Wiggles but hearing "Camouflage." Hope (and PRAY) that not to many whackos blow themselves up in Iraq tomorrow, and, if (well, when) they do, hope that they don't take any of ours with them. We had to stay in Germany for a few years after the Nazis surrenedered. Why should this job be any less difficult, Senator Kennedy?

Don't box me in

Yeah, got that rambling feeling again. When I was single, I could just pack-up and head for some desert local for a night and watch the world come to stop while the tumbleweeds rode on by. Now, I take my copy of "crisis" (had only one good article in it this month) and head for the car wash. My mind will never be boxed in, so neither will my spirit. Or is it the other way around?

I dial it in and tune the station
They talk about the U.S. inflation
I understand just a little
No comprende, it's a riddle

Darn! I hit the scan button by mistake, and now some guy is YELLING at me in Spanish. I respond by yelling back, incoherently, while jamming the "Call of the West" CD into the slot. Cue up the song of the same name:

He got the high sign so he jumped a bus
Along the roads that wind on through
The hot Mojave and the Jericho
He'd start his whole life anew
And what he left behind he hadn't valued
Half as much as some things
He never knew

Back to the single me for a moment, but I come to as I drive past How's and see that sign that says they are closing. They just couldn't make it with Whole Foods down the street. My guess is that now that Glendale is disgustingly Democrat laden, the old fashioned good grocer is unlikely to survive here.

Oh, how I hate Whole Foods. It is not so much because of what they sell, it is because of the people who shop there. I remember being in there last Spring during the Demo-primaries surrounded by Deaniacs and people who think that a swift-boat is somthing you take to the river while contemplating a Kerry presidency. I remember one of the former yelling at one of the latter, almost pleading with her, to vote for the Deanky. I half expected the Kerry-lady to whip out some BLUE Massachussetts shaped ear plugs... or some red ones shaped like a Heinz bottle.

But above all, above all, to have a fair shake
To get a piece of the rock and a slice of the pie
And spit out of the window of your car and not have the wind blow it back in your face

I suppose that is all any of us wants, but we have to be more tuned in to the reality of the West if we choose to respond to its call. Yeah, that west that I grew up in, but kept searching for somewhere else, is really changing.

Maybe I will go and see some more of it on Sunday and drag the family with me.

Goodbye... or should I write, "adios?"

I used to be somebody!
I used to be somebody, do you hear me?
Do you hear me? I've been there!
I used to be somebody, *** da*n you!
I've been there before!
Don't walk away!
Well, you... you wanted unleaded?
Unleaded... that's next pump over, so keep on movin', okay?
No, it's out of order.

I gotta get some gas.

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