Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Mexico's Problem

Mexico's problem is America's problem, especially for those of us who live in border states and who feel overwhelmed by the not so silent invasion of the masses. Professor Samuel Huntington has come under attack for pointing this out in his latest book Who Are We?. In chapter 9 of his latest tome, he points out that part of the Mexican culuture, according to Mexican philosopher Armando Cintora, includes ideas of "Who cares? That is good enough; "Tomorrow it will be ready;" and, "Nothing is really worthwhile." Huntington has come under attack and has been branded as a racist for putting forth this concept. He sees it as a grave problem for the future success and cohesiveness of the United States of America.

As it is a problem for Mexicans, Cardinal Sandoval, the archbishop of Guadlajara, Mexico, agrees where he blames the current problems of Mexico on conformism (combined with fatalism), a lack of historical memory, and a poorly formed concept of individualism.

Will the same people who attack Huntington attack one of their own?

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