Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Damon's Disaster?

The new owners of Damon's Steakhouse in Glendale have made a major decision to fire its best employee.

Now I do not have a problem with new owners making changes. The rumor mill has the new owners adding more floral pieces, fish tanks, and some windows or two to the front of the building (please tint them!).

Only one server (waitress) lost her job which was a bit of a shock to me since I assumed that they were going to go for a younger crowd. Of course, the new owners don't want to pay for benefits, so maybe they hope those who were kept during the transition will eventually leave.. or maybe they hope that the kept employees will be so desperate for work that they will stay.

Given all of that, the Campbells made a major mistake by firing "Ron." It can be argued by those in the know that Ron made a mistake during the transition. However, anyone who buys a venerable institution like Damon's realizes the asset that Ron is to the business. Ron was a great lead bartender who could handle the demand from the floor staff while taking care of his half of the bar at the same time. His skill was even more in evidence on busy Friday and Saturday nights.

As a 33 year patron of Damon's, the new owners better watch-out! I plan on being very negative at the club this weekend.

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