Friday, January 07, 2005


Christmas Lights

The vast majority of my neighbors took down all of their lights and ditched their trees on January 2.


The concept of being in the liturgical calendar of Christmas or even trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive into the new year (which, after all, we should all be doing) seems to be as dead as the Valentine Day promotions are alive. I am a bit peeved that the Passionist Fathers sent me a Valentine Day fundraising packet that arrived just after the first of the year. That meant it had to be mailed BEFORE the first. Blech!

I like Christmas lights; and, I like the idea of keeping them up for several days after the first of the year. My goal is to get most of the decorations down this weekend even if the rain keeps coming down. However, I will keep my tree up for a few more days. My little girls LOVE the "pretty lights," and since each gets to "push a button" to turn one or the other on (inside and outside lights) it has become a big and enjoyable deal.

So if you drive past my house and wonder what whacko lives in their, I hope the answer is "the spirit of Christmas."

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