Monday, January 03, 2005


Arming for Peace


How is it that we are able to immediately respond physically through ships, helicopters, rebuilding crews etc. to the disaster area that is Southeast Asia?


Our military is easily converted into a disaster relief and rebuild effort.

I am waitng for the man who led the "cut the defense budget effort" and ex-presidential candidate in 2004 to admit that he was wrong.





Okay... it isn't coming. Nor is it coming from the rest of the anti-military gang (Hello, Senator Clinton!).

Thanks should be given to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Of course the man who sported the following two bumper stickers on his pick-up truck (seen today) probably hasn't figured it out yet:

"Ignorant and arrogant is no basis for a Foreign Policy;" and

"Kerry-Edwards: a Safer America."

Kerry lost because he was/is arrogant and ignorant of how the world really works. We are definitely not worse off because Kerry lost. Our prestige can only grow as we help the people on the ground in SE Asia. The only ones who disagree with that conclusion are the Democrats in Congress, the Euro-liberals, and the Muslim nations who cater to extremists.


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