Monday, December 20, 2004


That's Right! You're not from Texas!

No, I am not from Texas, although I moved to and lived in CenTex briefly in 1998. I would have stayed there longer had certain business opportunities had panned out (and the fact that they did not is not the fault of CenTex).

But I was well aware of the Texas "attitude" back in the early 1990's when I first visited the DFW area for a few days. An old college buddy of mine was whacking out columns for one of the major local papers as a sports writer, and I had the privelege of hanging out at the old Arlington ballpark with him.

It was NOT Texas... well, hanging out with him, an Ohio man, was not hanging out in Texas. Well, sort of it was (great grammar, huh?!)

Even though we "did" Dallas and even hung out at one of the Rangers players' spots (with acutal Rangers and their female groupies), it seemed like I was hanging out in a town that was trying to be Los Angeles.

However, after living there, I now realize that DFW is trying very hard to be Texas-cosmopolitan.

I think that is exactly what George W. Bush is trying to be. And even though I am not from Texas, I like to think that I kind of "get it."

For those of you who are still challenged, listen to Lyle Lovett's song about his, and our, great state of Texas

my favorite lyle lovett song is "i think you know what i mean" -- which is similarly consistent with w

other winners: "la to the left" "the fat girl" "baltimore" and "creeps like me"
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