Monday, December 06, 2004


Petty Latham - Petty Libs

Allow me to put this in the term of sport:

Question: If you are the Head Coach of a team that should have won, but did not, what do you do?

Answer: If you are Mark Latham, you whine, blame the players, shun responsibility, and threaten to fire those who do not support you.

Thankfully, those of us in the United States of America have not been subjected to the same type of whining as those in Australia. The difference is that the Australians still have a pseudo-parlimantary system, subject to the whims of the Queens Representative, and a very small population concentrated in the the South East portion of the country.

Regionalism is alive in Australia; but I am not sure it is "well." This is due to population concentration and immigration patterns.


I think the BCS might be in charge of the Australian elections!

Go Trojans!

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