Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Notre Dame: Dumb, not Racist

Notre Dame (the one in South Bend, IN) has chosen to fire its head coach of football, Tyrone Willingham, after his third season on the job. The primary reason for doing so was that he had made progress, but not enough progress to meet Notre Dame standards. But then, the idea of standards at Notre Dame wandered off in to the "relative" years ago in the core areas of Catholicism, so nobody should be amazed at the firing since popular opinion seems to rule the decision making process at this French-missionary founded school.

One can point to many problems at the university, but one need only single out Fr. McBrien who has constantly attacked the Pope and the teachings of the Church and wondered aloud about the Holy Father resigning. Standards of accountability seem to differ at this institution where they should not.

I have heard that Notre Dame alums were not happy with the coach. I am not sure what that means since the complaints have been vague. The best one that I have read was sent to me via email (and there were several) and indicated that things would have been better if he had won.


Fans wanted an immediate return to success, although I remember many "Domers"' applauding the hire of Willingahm since he supposedly knew how to be successful at a school with academics like Notre Dame; but, that idea assumed the fact that Notre Dame was going to try and compete at the same level as Stanford in football. The obvious conclusion was that a boquet of bowl games was okay so long as one of them was a sweet smelling BCS game every once in a decade.

The alums and the administration seem to have changed the rules on Coach Ty in mid-contract. The A.D. has stated that the firing was not his idea (how long will he last?).

(and, yes I edited this since it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the top and harsh in the original - edited at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday).

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