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President Ronald Reagan in his remarks at the presentation ceremony for the Presidential Sholars Awards on June 16, 1988 said, "Gratitude is a way to deeper wisdom. Look for that deeper wisdom; believe me, there's a hunger for it. And your in luck. As Americans, you have a special claim on it."

That idea was probably true for most Americans in 1988. But in the last 16 years, the concept of gratitude for America has come under attack more and more. It really started in the 1960s, but the promotion of the Balkanization of the country through marxist multi-culturalism has caused the idea of gratitude to be one on its death bed in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, those parts of the country seem to have voted "blue" in the last election. Given the Gramscian leanings of these people, a swap of red and blue should happen immediately.

But I digress.

The "tomato soup" concept of America (which is more fitting than the melting pot) is one that should be promoted as it also promotes gratitude. Those who willingly come to this country to live, work and generally benefit from our system should be grateful. The positive aspects of their person and culture might add flavor and character to the "soup," but the stock or core should remain tomato soup.

The least grateful groups (and, it seems, most of the loudest) are ones that hate this idea. In their view, the United States is either entirely morally corrupt and/or can only make moral decisions if those decisions pass the "global test." The Founding Fathers are not folks who created a system of government that can promote the individual and society over time; they are racists, homophobes, and misogynists.

Can't you just hear Howard Dean's scream as a self-enforced segregation begins in this country (and one not started by the "whites")?

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