Sunday, December 05, 2004


Boycotting Hewitt

I cannot take it anymore. I pray that someone with more patience than I can eventually listen to, analyze, and persuade Hugh Hewitt to come back to the Church and stop being such a condescending and pompous heretic. Perhaps his family in Ohio can help hims see the light.

As a Roman Catholic in good conscience who has not turned his back on the Mother Church for the sake of politics or to create a personal superiority complex found in many who have (both in the right and left of politics), I shall no longer listen to Hugh Hewitt.

Although I agree with him that the sex-abuse scandal is a problem in the Church, he continuously implies that the problem is much larger than it really is (much like the liberal press). If he spent half the time researching the issue as he has whining about the Salvation Army not being able to place its buckets in front of select stores, he might come to realize that his Reformation-like smugness places him in the league whose ideas, while seeming conservative by many standards, have led to the rampant disease of modern liberalism.

Thank God, literally, for classical radio and my CD player.

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