Thursday, December 30, 2004


Bowl Tour

The abbreviated bowl tour for me (Maureen will get in three; I will only get in two) begins today as I drive to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl which pits Cal vs. Texas Tech. TT belongs in the Holiday Bowl; Cal belongs in the Rose Bowl.

As for the Rose Bowl, this could prove to be another down year similar to the Washington State fiasco of a few years ago when they not only got thumped by Oklahoma, but also failed to sell most of their tickets for the game. Although I do not expect an empty section like I saw in that game to repeat itself in 2005, I have noticed, or should I say not noticed many fans from either school mulling around the Pasadena-Glendale area as in years past.

Now I realize that the tourist destinations are not located in the P-G area for the most part, but normally one would see folks meandering around at night looking for food or going to movies. The amount of school color seen this year is minimal.

I can only wonder if it is as bad for the Miami area with the Trojans. SC does not usually travel well to distant places other than Notre Dame. The sponsorship and TV money will keep the system going, but are the fans and the teams served best by this BCS process? I would suggest that they are not, and that the best way to keep the best interests of all of college football in tact is to return to the old system of bowl games. As I have said countless times before, very few people care about NCAA basketball about a week after the national championship game; however, the old system of bowls kept college football on the minds of fans year round due to the positive controversy it created. That is the type of marketing idea that we need to return to since it promotes the sport and the bowl system year round.

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