Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Born Republican

This from the Washington Times on December 8:

What explains the divide between Republican-voting "red" states and Democratic-voting "blue" states? It's the "baby gap," Steve Sailer explains in the American Conservative.

"The white people in Republican-voting regions consistently have more children than the white people in Democratic-voting regions. The more kids whites have, the more pro-Bush they get," Mr. Sailer writes, adding, "Whites remain the 800-pound gorilla of ethnic electoral groups, accounting for over three out of every four votes."

Focusing on total fertility rates — average lifetime births per woman — Mr. Sailer observes: "The most fecund whites are in heavily Mormon Utah, which, not coincidentally, was the only state where Bush received over 70 percent. White women average 2.45 babies in Utah, compared to merely 1.11 babies in Washington, D.C., where Bush earned but 9 percent. The three New England states where Bush won less than 40 percent — Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island — are three of the four states with the lowest white birth rates. ...

"Bush carried the 19 states with the highest white fertility (just as he did in 2000), and 25 out of the top 26, with highly unionized Michigan being the one blue exception to the rule. ...

"In sharp contrast, Kerry won the 16 states at the bottom of the list, with the Democrats' anchor states of California (1.65) and New York (1.72) having quite infertile whites."

What can I possibly add to that (besides more children)?

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