Thursday, December 09, 2004


Art Gabriel - One of the Greatest Generation

Art Gabriel had surgery yesterday for cancer that was located in his abdomen and pelvis area. Although only about 1/3 of the cancer was removed, it did relieve the blockage from which he was suffering.

Why should you care?

Because Art is one of the sweetest and generous men you could ever hope to meet.

Because Art has been loyal to his family and wife for decades.

Because art is a faithful Catholic and long-time member of the Knights of Columbus.

Because Art fought in World War II...

with Audie Murphy...

and he was, at "worst," the fourth most decorated U.S. soldier in World War II.

Churchill's famous comment about "owing" never applied more so than to Art especially when Art's entire life is taken into consideration: "Never in the face of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."

If you "Google" or "Dogpile" his name, nothing that is relevant seems to match except for the reference to the Angel Gabriel and the related art work.

Art's life has truly been a work of art that we hope will continue for many more years. I hope that you pray to the Angel Gabriel to intercede on his behalf.

Vivat Jesus!

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